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Here you’ll find some of my most recent work including weddings, engagements, family & baby portraits, maternity portraits, or anything else I happen to point my camera at. At weddings you’ll hear me use the words “awesome” and “rad” about 10,000 times. One of my favorite things in this world is meeting new couples in love and then making beautiful photos of them. Let’s meet, enjoy a beer (or wine if we’re feeling classy) and talk about how we can make that happen!

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To my wife,

You are the reason I do what I do.  Your tireless love and support are what sustained me this past year.  This year you brought our beautiful healthy daughter into this world.  That alone made 2014 an incredible year. Thank you for being such an amazing wife & mother. I promise to spend all of 2015 showing you how thankful I am.

I love youErika Arick (1) Erika Arick (2)



I was going through some of Erika’s maternity pictures that I shot on film and came across this little gem…

Maternity Photography - Mike Arick - Erika Arick

I just want to say all my clients and couples are truly amazing.  Erika and I have been blessed with so many kind words and cute gifts from so many people.  I could not be any more thankful!!

Mike Arick Photography - Baby Nursery