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Here you’ll find some of my most recent work including weddings, engagements, family & baby portraits, maternity portraits, or anything else I happen to point my camera at. At weddings you’ll hear me use the words “awesome” and “rad” about 10,000 times. One of my favorite things in this world is meeting new couples in love and then making beautiful photos of them. Let’s meet, enjoy a beer (or wine if we’re feeling classy) and talk about how we can make that happen!

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My wife and I are taking a little trip overseas for the next few weeks – a little bit of work and a lot of fun!!  I will be gone from July 5th – 25th.  I am incredibly lucky to have this opportunity and I’ll be returning with 8 million pictures and some incredible memories.  I will be unable to respond to any emails until I return but I promise I’ll bring you all back a souvenir!






To view and download all the images from the event, click here.






I recently went to the WPPI Convention in Vegas and one of the coolest vendors I came across was WoodSnap.  Their prints are plain and simply rad.  I have been looking for quite some time for an awesome alternative to canvas prints and when I came across their booth at the convention I knew my search had ended.  They do beautiful photographic prints directly onto wood!!  The guys that run it are totally cool and local to me as well in Huntington Beach.  After talking about surf spots with them for a bit we got to talking about their work and I was blown away by the quality and beauty of each of their prints.  Right after I came back from the convention I ordered a print as a surprise for my wife of one of our own wedding pictures.  Our wedding was photographed by the awesome Sandra Pan and although it’s been almost three years since our wedding date we still had not ordered a large print for ourselves.  My wife was totally suprised and her and I are in love with how the print turned out!!


I will be encouraging all my couples to order one of these for themselves!!


The panels are all delivered ready to hang!  There are slots on the back that allow you to simply slide it onto a nail or wall screw.

My favorite thing about it is how the wood grain shows through which adds a beautiful texture to the image without taking away from the details of the photograph…

Seriously awesome.